Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Workers solidarity in action...

Check this out...

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  1. This is a report from two friends up here in Minneapolis

    "We handed out leaflets to workers and passersby in front of the US Trust Building in Minneapolis. US Trust was recently bought our by Bank of America and now functions as their "Private Wealth Management Division." We got positive reactions from every single person who took a leaflet. A few of the people we talked to were being laid off themselves. Workers in this country are hungry for change, and increasingly ready for a fight.

    After about 20 minutes of leafletting, we took our message straight to the top. We rode the elevator to the 14th Floor of the US Trust Building, walked to the front desk of US Trust, and demanded a meeting with the President of the company. After a short back-and-forth with the secretary, she agreed to give the head of the office one of our
    leaflets. We asked her to inform him that if the situation was not
    resolved in favor of the workers of Republic Window and Door, that we
    would be returning with a large group and setting up a picket line in front of the building.

    This past July, Bank of America purchased US Trust from Charles Schwab for $3.3 Billion in 2007. The resulting entity is the largest manager of private wealth in the United States.