Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chicago workers occupy their factory on tonight's episode of Labor Express Radio...

Republic Windows & Doors workers occupy their factory and demand justice on tonight’s episode of Labor Express Radio.

For months on Labor Express we have discussed the economic crisis and what it means for working people. We have forecast a long period of high unemployment and desperation for millions of American workers. But now, a group of factory workers in Chicago are pointing the way forward and providing an example of how workers can fight back. The workers of Republic Windows & Doors near downtown Chicago were informed last Tuesday that their factory was closing at 10:00 AM on Friday morning. But rather than except their fate in silence, the workers at Republic, members of UE Local 1110, told their management they were not leaving the factory grounds until they received payment for the 75 days notice the company is obligated to provide under Illinois state law and pay for any accrued vacation time. This is the first factory occupation by workers in the United States in many decades. At this moment, two days after the managers had planned to shut the company’s doors for good, the workers continue to occupy the plant and are receiving around the clock support from hundreds of members of the labor and social justice communities.

Tune in tonight to hear about this historic, ongoing struggle directly from the mouths of the workers and organizers of UE Local 1110.

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