Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Police at Republic???...

I am getting unconfirmed reports that police have shown up at Republic Windows & Doors. Can anyone confirm this and provide an update?


  1. Apparently police showed up around 9am, towed some cars that were parked along the road (Hickory), but did not in any way interfere with the occupation. A member of our ad hoc Republic Workers Solidarity Committee (which includes members of IWW, SDS, Food not Bombs, and many other local groups) received word this morning that media had left the factory en masse to cover Blagojevich's arrest - and that people should come immediately to make sure the workers were not left without a shield. About forty of us responded to this call, arriving at the factory around 11am. At that point, police were long gone, and there was no sign that the workers were in danger. (In fact, spirits were high, and some media had already returned to the site.) Shortly after, at noon, a vigil was held by the interfaith committee - the turnout for which was greatly increased by the forty wobs and assorted radicals who had come out in response to the urgent morning alert.

  2. Thank you for this update Patrick. And thank you to all the Wobs, SDSers, Food Not Bombs people, and others who responded to the call. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!!!