Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Labor Beat fundraiser this Friday...

7 pm, FRIDAY, NOV. 6
Evanston Community Media Center
1285 Hartrey Ave.
Evanston, Illinois
$20 Suggested Donation
free parking on site
- Excerpts from recent Labor Beat shows
- Labor Beat producers introduce their work
- Food & refreshments will be available
- Discuss issues on labor media with other enthusiasts
- More

Labor Beat is a cable-tv series for and about the working class.
On in: Chicago; Evanston; Rockford; Urbana; Peoria; St. Louis & area; Princeton, NJ

"Labor Beat is a necessary institution. As newspapers and investigative reporting go under, Labor Beat somehow stays alive, low-budget, and on the scene. Everybody knows them, so when something is going to happen, they make sure Labor Beat will be there. They have been around long enough to have survived successive waves of technology, from cameras as heavy as cement blocks to little things that get images up on YouTube in minutes. They know the whole world of the labor movement, not just the headliners. They also make films you can actually watch, that look good and make sense. Money can't buy this quality of work -- but it can help. Someone get these guys a MacArthur!"
-Helena Worthen
Clinical Associate Professor
Labor Education Program University of Illinois*

"Without Labor Beat, most of the news of the struggles of the working class would not exist for the majority of people. Labor Beat's coverage of the struggles against tyranny in Chicago's public schools is a great example of the service they perform, but to visit their entire list of programs is breathtaking, and it's clear we need to expand their work by providing the money they need."
-George Schmidt
Editor, Substance News*

"Labor Beat is important for our movement. They tirelessly document and educate the world about workers struggles and victories. Lets keep them going for many years to come."
-Leah Fried
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, UE*

"Labor Beat is a vital resource for rank and file union members in Chicago. As a result of Labor Beats unflagging support for public schools that reflect the interests of their communities, the Board of Education is increasingly reluctant to close neighborhood schools. In addition, Labor Beat's coverage of my organization, the Caucus Of Rank and File Educators, helped us win a huge victory against our current corrupt union leadership and come a step closer to revitalizing and transforming the Chicago Teachers Union, the biggest local in town."
-Jackson Potter
Teacher, Union activist
Little Village Lawndale High School*

"Labor Beat is a good, hard working entity that believes in helping all unionized members by getting their message out, and I'm glad Labor Beat is around. Thank you Labor Beat for all the good work you did for our slate during our election. I look forward to us working together again soon."

-Leo "Duke" Clark
IBT Local 726*

"Labor Beat is a much needed source of critical information and newsworthy issues that don't get airplay anywhere else. It is vital for the public to see the work of the labor movement that is routinely ignored by the mainstream press. Labor Beat deserves all our support. Thank you Labor Beat."
-Larry Spivak
Regional Director
AFSCME Council 37*

"Labor Beat is a leader of labor journalism. Chicago and the labor movement would be diminished without a strong Labor Beat. We can't build a labor movement without knowing what other workers are doing. Labor Beat fills the gap in mainstream reporting. Support Labor Beat today!"
-Frank Emspak
Executive Producer
Workers Independent News*

*For identification purposes only

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For more information on fundraiser: * 312-226-3330
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