Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Press Conference Republic Factory Occupation...

Here is a complete audio recording of the final press conference of the Republic Windows and Doors factory occupation. It is great to hear the excitement in the voices of Armando Robles, Melvin Maclin and the other workers. It is also great to hear Carl Rosen discuss the possibility of the factory being re-opened at some point in the future. The love fest between Congressman Gutierrez and Bank of America however is nauseating. Luis wants us to be grateful to Bank of America for spending a tiny fraction of our tax money to help the people our money should have gone to in the first place. Can someone who is better at math than I, please calculate what fraction of a percent 1.7 million is of 25 billion?


  1. Outstanding work, Jerry. You should get some sort of recognition for your hard work over the years from the AFL-CIO and the labor movement in general.

  2. Thank you Doug. I really appreciate you saying that. I have always said, I will be happy if at some point in my life I have earned the privilege to have part of my ashes scattered amongst the heroes who rest in Waldheim cemetery (where the Haymarket martyrs are buried). Does that sound a little melodramatic?

  3. My math skills aren't that good but I think it's 0.0068 percent. Like less than one one-hundredth of one percent. I may be off by a decimal point.