Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friends and family of J-Def hold anti-violence march in Pilsen...

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  1. I would like to see another type of "*11" line started in Chicago. One that allows kids of gang-banger parents to free counsel to help them get out of their houses and live in supportive transitional housing if they have parents who are drug-dealers or gang bangers. Some kids grow up in this chain of "banging". The chain from generation to generation needs to stop. I'd like to see the City of Chicago take a leadership role for our nation in how to successfully help teens out of gangs at young ages, i.e., middle school, jr. high, high school and even through their middle twenties. Unfortunately, some kids grow up with really poor role models. Kids need to understand that joining a gang is NOT A CHOICE if they want to live long and have a good life! Good for Pilsen and all the people in 60608 for Marching for Peace! Pilsen, especially Loomis Street, has been a gang blood bath all spring and summer. The chain of violence needs to end!