Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excellent article on U.S. links to Honduran coup...

This article by Conn Hallinan at Foreign Policy in Focus lays out the details of the various U.S. operatives connected to the coup in Honduras which the Honduran human rights activists I interviewed for last Sunday's episode of Labor Express mentioned in that interview. For an mp3 of last sunday's Labor Express Radio program, go here...

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection
Conn Hallinan August 6, 2009

Editor: Jen Doak

Foreign Policy In Focus

While the Obama administration was careful to distance itself from the recent coup in Honduras — condemning the expulsion of President Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica, revoking Honduran officials' visas, and shutting off aid — that doesn't mean influential Americans aren't involved, and that both sides of the aisle don't have some explaining to do.

The story most U.S. readers are getting about the coup is that Zelaya — an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — was deposed because he tried to change the constitution to keep himself in power.

That story is a massive distortion of the facts…

For the rest of the article go here…

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