Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World economic crisis is top security threat...

OK, so now we have real proof in terms that the ruling class of the national security state can really understand. So I want action! When do we start the arrests? Who should go first? I recommend Alan Greenspan. Than maybe Larry Summers. Hell, lets include the entire economic policy team of the last 4 presidents (and I am including Obama). Better yet, let’s pull a sting operation! We can declare a special meeting of the World Economic Forum and round-up all the criminals in one fell swoop. What type of sentences should we impose? The current neo-liberal model has been in power since the first days of the Reagan administration, so how about 30 year sentences. But where are we going to house all these guys? YES! We still have a use for Gitmo!

Note what Adm. Dennis Blair’s calls the “positive side” of the economic crisis, “if oil remained below $50 per barrel for some time, it could force major spending cuts or a devaluation in Venezuela.” WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! I don’t care whether you think Chavez is a dictator in training, a cult of personality, or the most democratically chosen head of state on the planet, fact is, for once, the oil wealth of Venezuela is going to the poor of Venezuela. It really reveals quite openly how these guys see power shifts to the poor or the working class as mortal threats.

World economic crisis is top security threat: U.S.
By Randall Mikkelsen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The global economic crisis has become the biggest near-term U.S. security concern, sowing instability in a quarter of the world's countries and threatening destructive trade wars, U.S. intelligence agencies reported on Thursday.

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