Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whoa is my union…

Hey fellow UAW members, did you hear our fearless leader on the Rachel Maddow show tonight. What the hell!!! He spent most of the interview defending the criminal management of the big three! And than he goes on to describe the current products of the U.S. auto industry as if they represented the green technology of the future! WHAT!!!

My god, no wonder our union is in such trouble. Compare Mr. Gettelfinger’s lame defense of the bosses with Michael Moore’s righteous indignation which I discussed in my last post. Come on man! Don’t you see by now that sucking up to management is not going to save the U.S. auto worker. You should be demanding that the Congress pass a bailout that includes those guys complete removal. Hell, you should be asking for the plants to be turned over to the workers, but I am not holding my breath on that one. Come on, get a freaking backbone for once. First you lay-down and let management walk all over the union in the last round on contract negotiations, than you bet the future of the auto workers on defending a failed industry management.

At least Maddow had some sense and pointed out the obvious – that most of the opposition to the bailout from the right is nothing but union busting. But Gettelfinger didn’t even run with that softball. WE HAVE GOT TO CHANGE THE UAW LEADERSHIP IF OUR UNION IS TO SURVIVE!

Here is a link to the interview…


Tune in to this Sunday’s Labor Express Radio program for discussion of the needed auto industry bailout from a REAL leader in the UAW, Frank Hammer. You can also read a statement issued by Hammer here…


Here is an even more extensive response from friend Dan LaBotz…


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  1. You can always count on UAW leadership to do the right thing. I just heard CAW leadership is taking hard "no concessions" stance. I think the times call for a partisan defense of UAW: http://tinyurl.com/5jemq5