Sunday, November 23, 2008

The end of Capitalism as we know it?

Leave it to Michael Moore to put the eminent demise of the U.S. Auto industry and the general economic crisis in general in the proper context. On Larry King Live tonight, Moore responded with total disgust to the sight of the CEO’s of the big three U.S. auto makers begging Congress for bailout funds… “What we are seeing here right now, with them, with the banks, we seeing the end of capitalism, the end of capitalism as we know it, and I say good riddance. It hasn’t help the people or the planet.”

While Michael’s forecast of the collapse of capitalism might be a bit premature, you can’t but totally agree with the sentiment of his words. Moore also has some interesting advice for the Congress as they consider a bailout for the big three. In particular I like his suggestion that the factories be re-focused on building mass transit vehicles. Moore comes the closest that I have seen yet in calling for the real short term answer to the auto industry – nationalization and workers control. Hey, we already bought AIG, I would much rather we use our tax money to take over some of the most important productive property in this country.

You can view Moore’s full interview here…

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