Friday, February 17, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Parents Occupy Piccolo Elementary to Protest "Turnaround"...

Breaking News!

Piccolo parents defend their school, children and teachers, protest "Turnaround"

This afternoon Piccolo Elementary parents held a Press Conference to defend their school. They announced that they will occupy Piccolo to protest the Board of Education's plans. The Board plans to vote on Wednesday to turnaround Piccolo and hand over management of the school to AUSL, Academy for Urban School Leadership, a privately connected firm with ties to City Hall. For the time being, you can follow what's happening on Occupy Chicago'sUStream account.

To support the parents of Piccolo, go to Piccolo School, 1040 N. Keeler. Bring friends, food, blankets, and water. Support Our Schools, Don't Close Them!

Let's tell Mayor Emanuel:

Support Our Schools
Don't Close Them!

4:00 PM Monday, February 20th

Rally at Lake View High School
4015 N. Ashland Avenue

CPS has wasted millions on school closings, which hurt our students and tear apart communities.


  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • School Libraries
  • Full Curriculum

Let's pack the next Board of Education meeting!

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the Board will vote to turnaround, phase-out, and close more neighborhood schools.

6:00AM-8:00 AM picket

If you would like to attend the meeting, you are well within your rights to request a personal business day.

Arrive at the Board of Education (125 S. Clark) by 4:00 AM if you want to speak.

To get involved contact:

Action Calendar

4pm Mon. Feb. 20
Rally to Support Schools
Lakeview High School
4015 N. Ashland

Tuesday, Feb. 21
Call-in to Stop Closings!
Click here for more info.
Call CEO Brizard at

6am-8am Wed. Feb. 22
Rally before Board of Ed Mtg.
CPS Headquarters
125 S. Clark St.

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