Thursday, February 17, 2011

PERRO holds rally outside Solis fundraiser...

CHICAGO, February 16 – Frustrated by Alderman Danny Solis’ reluctance to become a co-sponsor or advocate of Chicago’s Clean Power Ordinance, Pilsen residents are asking, who does Alderman Solis represent – the community or Midwest Generation?

The proposed Chicago Clean Power Ordinance would require Midwest Generation to reduce the pollution produced by the Fisk and Crawford coal fired power plants by roughly 90%. A study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health links air contaminants from Fisk and Crawford alone to over 40 premature deaths, around 500 emergency visits, and thousands of asthma attacks every year.

Alderman Solis has received over $50,000 in campaign contributions from Midwest Generation. “An average donation for a company of that size," Solis told the Chicago Sun-Times, but the company is Solis’ 3rd largest contributor. Half of all the company’s contributions to Chicago aldermen have gone to Solis. Midwest Generation executive Charley Parnell is a member of the Alderman’s Campaign Finance Committee. Is this why Alderman Solis opposes the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance?

Pilsen residents held a rally outside a fundraiser for the Alderman and distribute leaflets to those in attendance revealing the Alderman’s financial ties to the Midwest Generation and calling on the Alderman to become a co-sponsor of the Clean Power Ordinance. Over 50 people attended the rally and a number of print publications covered the event. I will post those stories once the are published.

For pictures of the rally, go to the following link...

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