Sunday, January 30, 2011

"What Can Direct Action Do For You?" on CAN TV 21 tomorrow night...

Tomorrow night - Mon. Jan 31, 9 pm -CAN TV Channel 21
"What Can Direct Action Do For You?"

Labor Express Radio examines direct action as a tactic for unions and other social movements, with a panel composed of four guests who have already won victories using this approach…

Toussaint Losier of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign – The campaign has successfully kept people in their homes by blocking home evictions with mass numbers of supporters.

Mark Meinster of UE – The UE’s factory occupation of Republic Windows and Doors, not only won the workers their legally mandated severance, but eventually lead to the re-opening of the factory.

Michael Kozlowicz of the IWW – The IWW has throughout it history promoted direct action as a primary way for workers to win demands in the work place. Everything from refusals to work, to walk outs, to work to rule, to free speech fights, to sabotage have been a part IWW history. And the organization continues to use these tactics to great effect from Jimmy Johns, to Starbucks, to warehouse workers on the East Coast. Now the Chicago IWW is organizing a direct action case work workers center – the Lucy Parsons Workers Center.

Claudio Gaete of the Whittier Parents Committee – By occupying the field house on the grounds of Whittier Elementary School for over 40 days, parents were able prevent the buildings demolition and win their demand that the facility be used as a library for the children and a community center for the parents.

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