Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Last Days of Decima Musa…

The only way to describe the feeling of receiving news of Decima Musa’s imminent demise was the proverbial punch in the gut. But I quickly relieved myself by convincing myself that the bearer of the bad news had to be mistaken. “Closing on the 15th, you mean just for the holidays” is what I keep telling myself and anyone who dared try to contradict my illusion. It wasn’t until I heard the words directly from Rosario’s mouth that I was forced to face the truth – Pilsen was losing another one of it cultural icons. I’ve told friends that my tearful conversations Rosario over this decision since have been filled with great memories but are harder to endure than most wakes I have attended. It truly feels like the final days of a dear friend.

Pilsen has been an immigrant, working class community since its earliest days in the mid-19th century. Because of these demographics it has also been a neighborhood of struggle. Few businesses or institutions in Pilsen during the last 30 years have embodied this spirit of struggle more than Decima Musa. The 10th muse has indeed inspired countless struggles for social, economic, and cultural justice in our beloved barrio. A list of regular attendees on Thursday nights would read like the who’s who of Pilsen activist of the last quarter century. It’s loss is a devastating (but lets hope not mortal) blow to what makes Pilsen the greatest neighborhood in the country.

I will try to post more reflections after the Gran Fiesta, the final Thursday night. Below are some pictures taken over the past week, a few taken with my low res cell phone camera. Hopefully I will have better pictures later this week from the last night. And to all you Pilsenites, I will see you Thursday…

Last Days of Decima Musa

Decima Musa’s Gran Finale
Thursday, December 16th
8:00 PM til ?
1901 S. Loomis

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