Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's your take on the possible Chicago mayoral candidates?...

Hi All,

Here is a chance for you to have your say on I am curious to hear peoples thoughts on the announcement of Daley's retirement and the possible candidates for his replacement. Part of this is motivated by my embarrassment that I was unaware that Rahm Emanuel was one of those thinking about running. Somehow I seem to have missed that statement he apparently made to that effect earlier this year. But according to WBEZ this week, you would think he had already won the election. He is almost the only candidate their talking about. They did mention Miguel De Valle and Tom Dart today as well, but they seem ready to declare Rahm the winner before the race has even started. I knew about De Valle before even WBEZ announcement because there is a meeting of Latino activist planned for Saturday and I know they're are discussing promoting De Valle, or perhaps Jesus Garcia, who is already running for county commissioner.

What I am surprised by is that none of the likely candidates discussed as interested in the position in previous years has been mentioned. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Luis Gutierrez have been talked about for years as possible mayoral candidates. Why aren't they being mentioned now? Has Jackson's reputation been so damaged by recent political scandals that it is now considered un-feasible? Seems to me he is still pretty popular among most Chicagoans, particular on the South Side. And is Gutierrez just not interested anymore? He would seem an obvious front runner. I know he will be one of the possible Latino candidates discussed this weekend. And why is Bob Fioretti not being mentioned. He was the only one who seemed ready to run, even before Daley announced his retirement plans. But I haven't heard his name mentioned in any of the press coverage.

I guess my other interest in starting this discussion is my fear that Rahm will be our next Mayor. My jubilation at hearing Daley's announcement quickly turned to horror when I heard Rahm was a likely successor. All the above mentioned possibilities would be an improvement on Daley EXCEPT RAHM! The only thing worse than Rahm would be Danny Solis, who it seemed for years was working on becoming Daley's successor, but he is not being mentioned now as a likely candidate.

So what do you think? Who will run? Who is the best of the candidates that have been mentioned so far? Lets hear your comments.

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