Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vote pro-immigrant, pro-universal single payer health care and anti-war on Fed. 5th – Vote for Cynthia McKinney & Gerald Mead-Lucero - VOTE GREEN!


IMMIGRATION: While the Democrats avoid discussing the issue in debates and call for tougher enforcement and new fences along the border in Congress, the Greens are the only ones calling for legalization for all. In fact, we go even further than that, and argue that if NAFTA and CAFTA allow companies to easily cross borders, it should be the same for working people… “The Green Party calls for permanent border passes to all citizens of Mexico and Canada whose identity can be traced and verified. Work permits for citizens of Mexico and Canada must be easily obtainable, thereby decriminalizing the act of gainful employment.” - From the Green Party National Platform

HEALTH CARE: While the Democrats devise various schemes to defend the interests of their friends and donors in the health care insurance industry, only the Greens are calling for a truly universal, single payer, non-profit health care system. The Democrat’s plans are a patch work approach that is likely to raise health care costs, increase the health care bureaucracy, and leave some people without full coverage. The reason is that they are be-holden to their campaign contributors in the health care insurance industry. Hillary Clinton is the number one recipient of campaign donations from the health care industry of all the candidates running for the presidential nomination. The Green Party does not accept donations from corporations. That is why we are the only ones proposing a system that is truly universal and removes the expensive, wasteful insurance industry from the picture entirely.

THE WAR IN IRAQ: The Democrats have controlled the Congress for over a year and have done almost nothing to end the war. Hillary Clinton voted for the war. Barack Obama voted to fund the war. Cynthia McKinney, a former Democratic congress woman from Georgia, left the Democratic Party because of the party’s unwillingness to take a firm stand on issues like the war in Iraq. She was one of the few Democrats who was consistent in her opposition to the war. AND NOW SHE IS WITH THE GREEN PARTY!

Ask for a Green Party ballot on Tuesday, Fed. 5th
for the Primary Elections.
- Vote Cynthia McKinney for President.
- Vote Gerald Mead-Lucero for Green Party 25th Ward Committeeman

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