Thursday, October 11, 2007

Concessions, concessions, and more concessions…

As goes GM, so goes the U.S. auto industry – On the heels of a 66% in favor contract ratification vote of UAW members at GM, it looks like the UAW is pushing another concessionary contract at Chrysler, with Ford negotiations next on the agenda….

Chrysler Workers Wary of New Contract
As they assembled cars Thursday, workers at Chrysler's Sterling Heights assembly plant were talking about their new labor contract, wondering if Wednesday's six-hour strike was enough to get a good deal from the company. Even as they waited to hear the details, industry analysts were predicting crosstown rival Ford will try to get more concessions than Chrysler.

Some workers were skeptical about job security promises, one worker said.
"A lot of people are sort of surprised that we only stayed out that long," said Brett Ward, a forklift operator at the Sterling Heights plant and a member of a group that's often critical of the union. "They're thinking that it might have really not gotten us that much."…

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Listen to Labor Express Radio this Sunday night for interviews with Gregg Shotwell (UAW Local 1753 member and one of the founders of Soldiers of Solidarity) and Jerry Tucker (Former Director, Region 5 - UAW and Co-founder - Center For Labor Renewal) about what this all means for the UAW and the labor movement in general.

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