Saturday, September 29, 2007

More on UAW, GM, & Health Care...

Here is a really good article from journalist David Moberg about GM, the UAW, and the health care crisis in the United States. I think his comments on the VEBA, prove once again, that it is a big mistake. But of course the bigger mistake is that we still don't have a mass movement mobilized behind single payer national health care. It is the number one domestic issue in this election cycle, but all the "top tier" democratic candidates are offering mickey mouse proposals that seek to save the asses of the HMOs rather than establish real universal coverage, where the profit motive is removed. Even the labor movement is partly to blame for this, as over the years they have avioded supporting specific single payer legislation. That is changing. The NNOC (National Nurses Organizing Committee) has launched a serious campaign behind HR 676, the Conyers Bill, in conjunction with Michael Moore's film Sicko...

Thank you to Carlos at Chicago JWJ for calling my attention to this article!


  1. You should have Todd Jordan on your show sometime. You can contact him through website.

  2. Thank you Doug for your suggestion and your continued support for Labor Express. As you know, we have had Gregg Shotwell on. I will probably have a follow up this Sunday from someone from SOS. We tried Todd last week but could not reach him. We may try again this week. - Jerry