Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quick apology for update delay...

I wanted to make a quick entry to apologize to readers of pilsenprole for the lack of recent entries. In particular I want to apologize to the members of MIRA! (The Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance) for not having had time to add any of the audio or photos I took on my visit last week. My return to Chicago was very brief and I do not have regular access to a computer during my travels in Mexico.

I will be posting new stories to this blog in the coming weeks related to...

Visits with workers on the Gulf Coast.
Visits with FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee) members in Monterrey Mexico.
Visits with APPO and Teachers union members in Oaxaca Mexico.
General travel observations.

as time and technology permit. Please check back often. The site will be more fully updated in August.

In Solidarity,
Jerry Mead-Lucero

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